About Us

Integrity Accounting & Tax Solutions was founded in 2020 by Stephanie Diggins, a small business supporter with a passion for doing things the right way. Located in Newnan, Georgia, our team has served over 200 clients — both small business owners and individuals who were looking for an expert they could trust with their financials.

Our team of professionals has proudly served clients with a wide range of needs. In addition to tax preparation for individuals, we assist small business owners who:

  • Need help filing quarterly taxes
  • Don’t have enough time to do their own bookkeeping
  • Aren’t sure how to prepare financial statements
  • Lack the expertise required to manage their payroll
  • And aren’t sure how to structure their business

Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place! And we would be honored to help. Our passion is to give you peace of mind — so you can keep doing what you were born to do.

Looking for an accountant in Newnan, GA? At Integrity Accounting & Tax Solutions, we specialize in:

  • Tax preparation — We help individuals and small businesses like you plan, prepare, and archive your tax records.
  • Bookkeeping services for small businesses — We take the pressure off of you by managing your books, providing your financial statements, and educating you on how to reduce costs and identify your greatest revenue streams.
  • Payroll services for small businesses — Our payroll experts manage your payroll for you and alert you of any changes in the tax laws that might affect you and your business.
  • Consulting services for small businesses — We guide you through crucial business decisions, including deciding which business structure is the right one for you. And we help you reevaluate your business for sustainable profitability as it grows.

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Our Mission

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. And we don’t believe in just getting the job done, and stopping there. In fact, we believe the most valuable service we can offer is educating our clients along the way — so you can better understand your financial position and make informed decisions.

And as our cherished client, we’re intentional about building a relationship with you so we can gain accurate insight into your financial situation and provide you with the highest quality information, services, and products — to give you clarity and help you achieve your goals.

The Integrity Way

Around here, we have a certain way of doing things. In everything we do, we’re 100% committed to the following principles:


It’s simple: we just do the right thing, no matter what.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

— C.S. Lewis


We’re excited to wake up and help others — we love what we do!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt


We value everyone’s contribution — no matter how big or small.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

— Maya Angelou


We believe in the power of cooperating, communicating, and collaborating.

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.”

— Ifeanyi Onuoha


No matter what, we always bring our best to the table.

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” /p>

— John Gardner


We appreciate the importance of a good life — not just a good living.

“I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.”

— Oprah Winfrey


We want to be a part of something bigger — by giving back through service.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

— Gandhi


We maintain objectivity and professional skepticism as we serve our clients.

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Meet the Founder

Stephanie Diggins

A small business owner herself, Stephanie truly understands the unique struggles of her clients. And she knows exactly how to make their lives easier! Stephanie roots on her clients with her infectious positive attitude — she’s never really believed in the words, “I can’t.” And she’s passionate about turning those can’ts into cans!

With an expert like Stephanie in your corner, you’ll feel not only feel cared for and respected, but you’ll feel prepared, informed, and empowered as you grow your business.

Hear From Our Clients

“My previous accountant and tax preparer retired; Integrity Accounting came highly recommended. The owner Stephanie Diggins and her assistant were very professional and knowledgeable with business start up and taxes. Her office was very welcoming, and Covid safe (mask, sanitizer). I am grateful for the referral to Integrity Accounting for my business accounting and yearly tax preparation. I highly recommend Integrity Accounting and Tax Solution.”

— Carletha G.

“Ms. Stephanie did a great job on our taxes. She is an absolute pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend her!”

— Lindy F.

“Stephanie was helpful and patient in all dealings. Great communication, prompt and super informed. Very pleased with her services.”

— Ryan D.

Atlanta Small Business Accounting Services at Integrity

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